FDA Compliance

FDA Compliance at Pinnacle Surrogacy

Comprehensive Partnership with FDA-Compliant Fertility Clinics

At Pinnacle Surrogacy, we collaborate closely with fertility clinics like the Institute for Human Reproduction, ensuring excellence in fertility care. Our partners adhere to stringent FDA standards in donor protocols and reproductive tissue handling, reflecting our shared commitment to safety and quality.

Rigorous Standards for Gestational Carrier Selection

While our primary focus is representing gestational carriers, we ensure they benefit from the rigorous FDA-compliant screening and testing protocols applied to donors at our partner clinics and agencies.

Adherence to Donor Screening and Testing Protocols

Our associated partners conduct exhaustive physical assessments, in-depth donor questionnaires, and thorough infectious disease testing for both male and female donors, aligning with FDA requirements.

Commitment to Quality Control and Assurance

We prioritize quality control and assurance in tissue handling, processing, and storage. Our partners are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and follow FDA guidelines for superior quality and safety.

Detailed Record-Keeping and Transparent Operations

Pinnacle Surrogacy maintains comprehensive records of all procedures, ensuring transparency and adherence to FDA standards for added reassurance and safety.

Ensuring Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to patient safety, with our partner clinics promptly reporting any adverse events in compliance with FDA regulations. This commitment extends to conformance with labeling and packaging standards, reducing the risk of errors.

Certifications and Professional Standards

In addition to FDA registration, our partner clinics comply with standards set by professional fertility organizations, reinforcing our dedication to exceptional care.

Pinnacle Surrogacy, in partnership with Pinnacle Egg Bank and leading fertility clinics, upholds the highest standards of FDA compliance, offering a safe, ethical, and trustworthy surrogacy journey.