Surrogacy in #location

Surrogacy in #location

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Surrogacy in #location

Although gestational surrogacy is a fantastic option to create a family, for many people, the process can be overwhelming at times. Surrogacy laws and regulations vary from state to state, so if you are planning a surrogacy journey, either as an intended parent or by becoming a surrogate yourself, it’s crucial for you to understand state specific laws. Below, we will walk you though the basics of the Texas surrogacy process.

Is Paid Surrogacy Legal in Texas?

Gestational surrogacy for married couples is entirely legal in Texas, both for those wanting to become a surrogate as well as those wanting to use the surrogacy process to build their families. Because of marriage equality, Texas also guarantees identical surrogacy rights for LGBTQ married couples as well as heterosexual married couples. If you are pursuing this option, you can find laws pertaining to your rights in the Texas Family Code.

Texas Surrogacy Contract

The surrogacy contract is a legal document that both the intended parents as well as the surrogate must sign before the surrogacy process can begin. Texas state law requires a judge’s approval on the document, and all parties must complete the document at least two weeks before the embryo transfer appointment.

The surrogacy contract is extremely important for both parties. For surrogates, this document outlines her medical rights and the agreed-upon compensation. For intended parents, the state of Texas allows them to establish legal parentage in a surrogacy contract. Please note that this document is a legal guarantee only for married couples. However, single intended parents and unmarried couples can also obtain these rights. If you are unmarried and wish to proceed with surrogacy in Texas, consult a surrogacy lawyer for guidance on your particular situation.

You can find more information on legal considerations here.

How to Become a Surrogate in Texas?

Becoming a surrogate is a marvelous way for you to change a family’s life for the better, as surrogates help others have children when it otherwise would not be possible. Texas also allows surrogate mothers to receive compensation for the time and effort they dedicate to the surrogacy process. If you are a healthy, financially-stable woman who has already given birth and is raising a child, you may qualify to become a surrogate. Contact our team today for more information on the surrogacy application process. If you are ready to apply, fill out this quick online application form here.

Your surrogacy journey begins with a short online surrogate application. Once that is done and you have met the initial qualifications, you’ll embark on a much more detailed process including a review of your medical records, a thorough medical screening that will include bloodwork and an ultrasound of your ovaries and uterus, plus a psychological screening and a home assessment. After all of this is complete, matching takes place, finalized by a legal surrogacy agreement. You can see all of the steps on how to become a surrogate in Texas here.

How Much do Surrogates Get Paid in Texas?

First time surrogates in Texas can expect to be paid $50k and possibly more, depending on individual circumstances, such as carrying twins. For women who are planning to become a surrogate for a second or third time, the compensation is considerably more.

There are also other surrogacy benefits including a surrogate maternity clothing allowance, paid travel expenses, childcare costs reimbursement if related to the pregnancy, and if necessary, lost wages reimbursement.

For more information on surrogate pay and benefits please see this page.

Requirements to Become a Surrogate in Texas

To qualify for becoming a surrogate mother in the state of Texas, you must meet some basic qualifications.

  • One of these is age, as you must be under the age of 40. The reason for this is that women who are older are at more risk of complications during a pregnancy, such as the development of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Also, you must be a U.S. citizen (or permanent resident)
  • You or anyone else in your household must not have a criminal record.
  • Excellent physical and emotional health is a must and you must not have either a history of smoking or drug use.
  • You also must have already carried a pregnancy to term and delivered and be raising at least one child.

You can find more information on who qualifies to become a surrogate here.

Once you have met our basic requirements and you have submitted your application, we will set up a comprehensive screening process that includes medical, psychological and socio-economic evaluations.These ensure you are a great candidate to become a surrogate in Texas and also ensure that the surrogate journey will be as safe as possible for both you and the baby. You can see more information about our screening process here.

If you have questions about becoming a surrogate, please contact us here, as we will be happy to address them. To start the application process, simply go to our online surrogacy application form.

Texas Surrogacy for Gay Men

For gay men, surrogacy is a popular and effective way to start a family. Thanks to marriage equality, Texas now guarantees the same surrogacy rights for LGBTQ married couples as they do for heterosexual married couples. Like unmarried heterosexual couples, unmarried LGBTQ couples in Texas may need to complete an adoption process after the birth of their child if they are unable to establish parentage in a surrogacy contract.

Further information on family building and surrogacy for gay men can be found here.

How Much Do Surrogates Cost in Texas?

One of the very first questions intended parents often have is how much do surrogates cost in Texas. We are very upfront about costs, and unlike many other agencies who display a slightly lower price that often does not include “hidden” costs such as legal expenses and other fees, we are quite transparent.

The average total cost for our full surrogacy process usually falls somewhere between $140,000 and $160,000. Of course, individual circumstances can influence total costs as well. These circumstances can include such things as the surrogate needing a c-section, or carrying twins. You can see more about the costs of surrogacy and how we break this down on our cost page here.

How Do I Find a Surrogate in Texas?

First of all, you are not alone, as we will guide you through the entire process of finding a surrogate in Texas. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll only be matched with a surrogate who has already been medically and psychologically cleared. This avoids wasting your time and effort, as well as the risk of a huge disappointment that can come by matching you with someone who has not yet been cleared.

After you are matched, you’ll receive access to our surrogate profiles. As we know each of our surrogates very well, we can help guide you based on your requirements and expectations for the surrogacy journey. Once you are matched and legal agreements have been signed, the embryo transfer can be scheduled. You can read more about finding a surrogate here.

Texas Surrogacy Agency

Pinnacle Surrogacy is the very best surrogate agency, not only in Texas, but in the entire United States. We say this with complete confidence, as we work with surrogates from all over the U.S. Our intended parents are not only from Texas and other US states, but also reside all over the world and work with Texas surrogates.

We have a dedicated, cohesive, professional surrogacy team, and many of our team members have been surrogates themselves. In addition, we work with a world renowned fertility specialist, so you will be in excellent hands. All of our surrogates are usually already medically and psychologically screened prior to matching.

Here’s what C. had to say about her experience:

“I have been with Pinnacle Surrogacy for nine months now. I researched many clinics to become a Surrogate and I fell in love with this agency. Dr. Jain answers all your questions and helps you out with any issues. The nurses are very nice and explain everything in detail. It’s great when you can call and they can give answers to questions that may even come up later in the process. I am now pregnant with twins and can’t wait to do it again!”

Or this, from M.:

“California Pinnacle Surrogacy has been a breath of fresh air! The coordinator that I have worked with the entire time has always been understanding, informative, honest, and quick to get things done on my behalf. They have taken the pressure off me and done everything in their power to make this an enjoyable experience as a first-time Gestational Carrier. I will be using them for any future journeys.”

Start Your Texas Surrogacy Journey

As you prepare to start your Texas surrogacy journey, here are a couple of FAQs you may find useful. For prospective surrogates, see our Surrogate FAQ here. For intended parents, we invite you to have a look at our Surrogacy FAQ for Intended Parents here.

We also have a page that addresses the often confusing information on epigenetics and the question of the relationship of the surrogate mother’s DNA with that of the baby.Whether you are looking to welcome a child into your family using the surrogacy process or you would like to become a surrogate in Texas yourself, our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team will guide you through the surrogacy journey so you can be confident every step of the way.

Contact us here or call us at 877 261 0392. We look forward to being of service to you!

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