Cost of Surrogacy

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost

If you are considering surrogacy as a path to parenthood, it is understandable you would be concerned about how much surrogacy may cost.

It is a big step and the investment isn’t just financial, it also involves your deepest emotions. That’s why we take a straightforward approach to breaking down the cost of surrogacy. All expenses are described, documented and itemized in our fee schedule, with payments made at specified times before and during the recruitment, matching, and legal agreement stages.

An average cost of surrogacy

At Pinnacle Surrogacy, the average cost for the full surrogacy process typically falls between $140-160k. However, your individual circumstances can impact the total amount of how much surrogacy costs. For example, if the gestational surrogate needs a c-section, has to travel, or is carrying twins, costs will increase. Costs are also affected by the gestational surrogate’s health insurance coverage. Our initial, detailed fee schedule you receive takes into consideration all of these possibilities. All our surrogates are medically and psychologically screened and ready for their journeys.

While some surrogacy agencies may seem to offer slightly lower pricing at first glance, these numbers often don’t account for all costs involved in the surrogacy process and intended parents will still need to pay legal, insurance, fertility doctor, and escrow charges in addition to the initial quote they receive.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances, so that we can give you a better understanding of what to expect in terms of surrogacy cost.

What does the surrogacy cost cover?

At Pinnacle Surrogacy, our fees fall under one of three categories: consulting, case management, and escrow. These categories are fully explained in our fee schedule and our team will be happy to describe them further as you explore surrogacy.

Consulting Services Fee

The consulting services fee includes our agency’s fixed costs for recruiting gestational surrogates and facilitating your surrogacy journey. These costs include a professional case manager, the recruitment of qualified surrogates, the entire surrogate screening process, travel costs, and ongoing psychological support for the surrogate.

At Pinnacle Surrogacy, gestational surrogates are pre-screened before the matching process takes place. This greatly reduces not only the amount of time your surrogacy journey will take but eliminates the risk of your chosen surrogate failing the screening process, which would mean starting the whole process again.

During the screening process the surrogate undergoes extensive psychological and medical evaluations. These include home assessment by a medical social worker, background checks, psychological evaluations for both the surrogate and her spouse (if she has one), and a thorough medical evaluation to determine whether she will be able to deliver a healthy baby.

Case Management Fee

Once you have found your gestational surrogate and your match is confirmed, active management of your case begins. Case management includes everything that is necessary to ensure that all parties are prepared for, and fully supported during their surrogacy journey.

Our case management fees include the background screening that we require of all clients who want to become parents through surrogacy. Fees also cover your surrogate’s medical preparation for embryo implantation, as well as legal fees for you and your surrogate.

Escrow Payments

Funds held in escrow cover expected, and sometimes unexpected, costs associated with the surrogacy process. These costs may include:

  • Surrogate fees and allowances
  • Health insurance for the surrogate
  • Expenses such as maternity clothing, child care, and travel
  • Coverage of costs involving medical problems or complications related to the pregnancy or birth
  • Coverage of child care and housekeeping in case the surrogate is put on bed rest by her physician
  • Additional administrative costs

Do I need to pay all surrogacy costs at once?

No. Payments are made in stages. Your consulting fee is due when you make the decision to pursue the surrogacy journey. Once you’ve made a match with a gestational surrogate, you’ll need to pay your case management fee. Your escrow deposit is due upon signing your legal agreement.

Both the consulting services fee, as well as the case management fee, are non-refundable upon payment. Unused funds in your escrow account are refundable in accordance with our policies. If you have any questions about these policies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our staff members will be happy to answer questions and address any concerns that you may have.

Surrogacy Financing

We understand that conversations about costs can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are options for financing the cost of surrogacy. At Pinnacle Surrogacy, we work with two lenders who offer loans with favorable terms to individuals and couples. These lenders include:

Why Choose the Pinnacle Surrogacy Program?

Pinnacle Surrogacy offers the highest level of professionalism and peace of mind to parents, gestational surrogates, and egg donors.

Because of our commitment to surrogacy, we take the time to pre-screen potential surrogates, as well as their spouses, before beginning the matching process. This not only helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, but it also minimizes the risk that can come from working with a surrogate who has not been medically or psychologically cleared for this process and may not qualify for surrogacy.

While these safeguards can, in some cases, increase the initial quote for the costs of the surrogacy journey, we’ve found that they actually serve to control expenses: our policies help you to find and match with a surrogate quickly and avoid the disappointment of a match that fails well into the process. In addition, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your legal rights are protected. Pinnacle Surrogacy also has a policy of only facilitating gestational surrogacy. This means that the surrogate does not have any genetic or biological relationship to the baby. Children born from gestational surrogacy are the result of embryo implantation. The embryo may be created from egg and sperm from you and your spouse or partner, egg or sperm from one of you and that of a donor, or entirely from donors.

Finally, we offer an all-inclusive approach to surrogacy costs. Fees for recruitment, screening, case management, matching, psychological support, financial support of your surrogate and legal services are all included and quoted up-front. Other fees and costs, which are less easy to determine at the beginning of your journey, are covered through a refundable escrow fund. Our costs are itemized for your review and we encourage you to ask questions as you consider our program and our fees.

We take this structured, transparent approach because we want to help ensure that you have as few surprises as possible during the surrogacy process. We understand that you have placed an enormous amount of trust in us and we want to honor that trust by helping you to understand and control costs from the very beginning.

If you would like to talk with someone to begin your surrogacy process or find out more information, please contact us online or call us at 877 261 0392. For a list of answers to common questions, visit our frequently asked questions page.

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What Our Surrogates Say About Us

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Great and friendly customers service, devoted employees. Dr. Jain is awesome, he explained everything, step by step. I would recommend them to anyone who is planning a family, or willing to help a family.


I have been with Premium Surrogacy for nine months now. I researched many clinics to become a Surrogate and I fell in love with this agency. Dr. Jain answers all your questions and helps you out with any issues. The nurses are very nice and explain everything in detail. It’s great when you can call and they can give answers to questions that may even come up later in the process.

Julie, Lanesha, Gaby, n Patricia are just some of the lovely ladies that walk you through EVERYTHING. I EVEN HAD SOME ISSUES WITH THE SHOTS BUT THE NURSES WALKED ME THROUGH AND MADE SURE I HAD EVERY AVAILABLE resource.

I am now pregnant with twins and can’t wait to do it again.


I have worked with California Premium Surrogacy for the past year. I have just completed my Surrogacy Journey about a week ago. This journey was absolutely flawless. From the beginning, I knew I needed to find an agency that had my best interest in mind. California Premium Surrogacy was that company and clearly the only choice if you are looking to take this journey yourself.

The difference with this agency is that Dr. Jain has two separate sides to his practice, the fertility side, and the surrogacy side. This means that when you are choosing a couple, he is both your doctor AND theirs. He knows all of his patients and is involved in the matching process. His staff is absolutely hands down the best team you will ever meet. They work together very well and they all know you by name. Every one of them is very quick to respond to phone calls and emails and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

Dr. Jain is very knowledgeable and very kind and sweet. He keeps things real and has your health in mind at all times.

They have a really great psychologist named Peggy who is a pro at all things fertility and how that can affect you emotionally she calls periodically to check on you and I will miss her phone calls.

The person I talked with the most is Amber. She is in charge of the surrogates, and if you intend to apply you will get to know her. She has become a friend. She doesn’t make this process feel “Businessy”. She has been a surrogate herself and had great advice and tips for me while I was on this journey. She was never more than a phone call away. Being a surrogate changed my life and it is something I will never forget. It was so rewarding and it is all because of California Premium Surrogacy. I wish I could do it again and again.

If you are looking into becoming a surrogate and want to have a beautiful experience I would 1000% recommend this agency.


I had the best experience with my first surrogacy that I decided to do it again. Amber is amazing. She helped me through the whole process and any time I had questions all I had to do was shoot her a text. Its a wonderful thing to help someone start a family!!


We are so grateful and ecstatic to have our new son in our family. We experience heartbreaking miscarriages and were told we could not have another pregnancy. Our other son wanted a sibling so bad, that he wrote a note to “the storks” asking for a brother or sister to lay with and help take care of. Thanks to Pinnacle Surrogacy, Dr Jain and his wonderful staff, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy! We feel that our family is “complete” but we would highly recommend Pinnacle Surrogacy to any family seeking to bring another child into their family. Perhaps it’s not quite “in the usual way” but just as amazing and wonderful. We are forever grateful!


Currently a surrogate working with [Pinnacle Surrogacy] and it is my first journey. I can not express enough how truly incredible this agency is. As a first time surrogate it was incredibly overwhelming starting out, and I had spoke to several agencies. But Pinnacle Surrogacy really stood out to me the advisor I spoke with made my decision to move forward with them so easy. You can tell their advisors really truly care and the majority have been surrogates themselves so its a very personal and understanding experience. Wendy is my advisor and to say she was a God sent is an understatement. Every step of the way each person involved in my journey has been so great. I would 110% recommend Pinnacle Surrogacy if you are considering surrogacy!! I would use them over and over again and would refer them personally without hesitation. This journey so far has been everything I dreamt and more thanks to this incredible team of people!


[Pinnacle Surrogacy] has been amazing to work with. As a first time gestational carrier I am thankful I was able to work with such an amazing team. This experience has been one that I won’t forget. Not only do I get to help bring someones dream of having a family come true, I got to work with a great group of people.


[Pinnacle Surrogacy] is an AMAZING agency!!! Everyone in the office is so helpful and so nice! This is my second time being a surrogate and working with Dr. Jain and his staff and both experiences have been wonderful! Since the agency works hand in hand with Dr. Jain and [Pinnacle Fertility] the screening process and the matching process were so much quicker than with a regular agency! They are able to get you screened and matched with an IP in less time than any other agency I’ve heard of! I would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a surrogate apply with [Pinnacle Surrogacy]!!!


The entire staff is amazing, with so many moving parts they make the whole process so much easier.


I used [Pinnacle Surrogacy] for my second surrogacy and could not have had a better experience. My first agency was not a great agency and left me really doubting the process and whether or not I could do it again but [Pinnacle Surrogacy] changed my perspective on it all! They truly care about their surrogates and their needs through the process. I received email and phone call checkups from them to make sure I had everything I needed and things were going smoothly. If something wasn’t going as planned they would jump on it right away to fix it. Their agency coordinator was great at understanding my feelings through it all. I HIGHLY recommend this agency!!


Absolutely love [Pinnacle Surrogacy]! I delivered a surrogate baby in July and could not have had a better experience! They exceeded all of my expectations so much that I am currently in the process of doing another journey with them. 🙂 Any questions and concerns are answered ASAP and they always make sure you are comfortable with everything! I will always always always recommend this agency!!


If you are in search of an amazing agency for your Surrogacy please contact [Pinnacle Surrogacy]. I have worked with this agency for a little over two years and I wouldn’t change anything about my experience with them! All of the staff are amazing and one of the things I loved is that everything is “in-house.” Being able to see the same nurses and doctors for every aspect of the IVF process was a huge plus for me.


I had the best experience with my first surrogacy that I decided to do it again. Amber is amazing. She helped me through the whole process and any time I had questions all I had to do was shoot her a text. It's a wonderful thing to help someone start a family!


[Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly] California premium Surrogacy has been amazing to work with. As a first-time gestational carrier I am thankful I was able to work with such an amazing team. This experience has been one that I won't forget. Not only do I get to help bring someone's dream of having a family come true, but I also got to work with a great group of people.


[Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly] Premium Surrogacy has been an absolute dream to work with! They make the whole process so smooth and seamless, always having your best interest at heart. Being able to be a surrogate is such an amazing opportunity but can also be terrifying as well, with premium surrogacy I’ve never felt more confident and at ease. This agency truly cares, and they show it in the way they treat you no matter what time of day someone is always available if you need something. They send birthday cards, and they also send small spontaneous gifts just to show you their gratitude which is completely not necessary, but very heartwarming they take the time to do those small actions that really do speak volumes. I can not say enough good things about this agency! You work with them once and I guarantee you'll be looking at doing surrogacy at least one more time.


[Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly] California Premium Surrogacy has been a breath of fresh air. I have worked with them for the past year and have no complaints. The coordinator that I have worked with the entire time has always been understanding, informative, honest, and quick to get things done on my behalf. They have taken the pressure off of me and done everything in their power to make this an enjoyable experience as a first-time Gestational Carrier. I will be using them for any future journeys.


Amazing & Supportive agency! I just completed my surrogacy journey and it was hands down something I will never forget. I knew I wanted to be a surrogate but I was a little hesitant and scared. I took a leap just based on the shared stories and reviews of [Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly]California Premium Surrogacy, and I would not change this for anything. This agency has an amazing team (that feel more like really supportive friends) that works with you every step of the way. They are professional, and caring and they make the whole journey feel so smooth. They honestly think of everything to make sure you are comfortable and doing good. I honestly felt like top priority with them, not just a transaction. Some members of their team have also been surrogates themselves which is so helpful in hearing their experiences and getting guidance. The process was seamless and it was such a pleasure meeting and working with all of them. I would 100% recommend them if you are thinking about becoming a surrogate.


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