Surrogacy in #location

Surrogacy in #location

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Surrogacy in #location

Oregon has a history of surrogacy-friendly policies. If you are interested in surrogacy, whether hiring, or becoming a surrogate in Oregon, it’s vitally important to understand your options, rights, and obligations. Below, we explore the basics of surrogacy laws and information for both intended parents and surrogates in the state of Oregon.

Surrogacy Laws in Oregon

Oregon does not have any laws that prohibit surrogacy, meaning that individuals and couples are free to pursue surrogacy if they wish. The only Oregon statute with specific rules concerning assisted reproduction outlines who is legally responsible for a child conceived using assisted reproduction.

There are not a lot of laws governing surrogacy in Oregon, and it’s important that you work with an experienced surrogacy attorney during your surrogacy journey. This will ensure that all parties, both the surrogate and the intended parents, are protected.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Oregon?

While Oregon does not specifically outlaw traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate mother uses her own eggs, fertility clinics can choose if they wish to perform this type of procedure. Most fertility clinics choose to stick with gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate does not use her own eggs and is not biologically related to the baby. Gestational surrogacy tends to be the better ethical and emotional choice for both surrogates and intended parents.

You can find more information on legal considerations and the surrogacy contract here.

How to become a Surrogate Mother in Oregon?

Are you interested in becoming a surrogate mother In Oregon? Fortunately, Oregon is a surrogate-friendly state and is a great place to help families welcome babies with the gift of surrogacy. Oregon also allows surrogates to be compensated for the time, effort, and energy spent during the surrogacy process.

Your surrogacy journey starts with a short online surrogate application which initiates the process. If you qualify, you will complete a profile questionnaire, we will review your medical records, then you will undergo medical and psychological screenings, plus a home assessment.

Once everything is complete, the process of matching can begin. Once matched, a legal contract with the intended parents is signed by all parties. More information on each step in the surrogacy process can be found here.

How Much do Surrogates Get Paid in Oregon?

It’s natural to wonder how much do surrogates get paid in Oregon, as surrogates give their time, their energy and undergo medical procedures. They deserve to be fairly compensated for this.

First time surrogates in Oregon can expect a minimum pay package of $50k and this can increase depending on individual circumstances, such as carrying twins. Experienced surrogates can expect to make considerably more. You can see more details about surrogate pay and benefits here.

Requirements to Become a Surrogate in Oregon

Not all women can become surrogates, as there are certain health requirements you must meet. Plus, a doctor will need to thoroughly screen you to ensure you are physically and mentally healthy enough for to become a surrogate.

In addition to being physically and mentally healthy, the requirements for surrogacy in Oregon include your age, which must be less than 40. You need to either be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident and you or anyone in your household cannot have a criminal record. You also must be financially stable, have carried a previously healthy pregnancy to term and be raising your child. For more information on requirements to be a surrogate in Oregon see this page.

Once you have met the basic requirements and you have submitted your application, we will conduct a comprehensive medical, psychological, and socio-economic screening to ensure you’re a good candidate to become a surrogate. While this extensive screening may seem rigorous, it’s necessary to ensure that the journey will be as safe as possible for both the surrogate and the baby. For more information about our surrogacy screening process, go here.

Please contact us online or call 877 261 0392 with any questions you may have about surrogacy. We welcome your inquiries! Ready to apply? Just go to our application page to get started.

Gay Surrogacy in Oregon

Oregon has a long history of being an LGBT-friendly state for assisted reproduction and does not have any restrictions on Gay surrogacy. Gay and lesbian couples as well as LGBT individuals will find plenty of resources to help them through their fertility journey in this state.

These legal protections are now found across the country, as marriage equality in America means that married LGBT couples are now guaranteed the same rights as married heterosexual couples. These protected rights also extend to assisted reproduction.

For more information on family building and on surrogacy for gay men, see this page.

Oregon Surrogacy for Single Parents and Unmarried Couples

Because Oregon does not have any restrictions on the type of intended parent who can pursue surrogacy, this means that single fathers, single mothers and unmarried couples can use a surrogate to welcome a child. Single people and unmarried couples will still need a judge to approve a pre-birth order (just like married couples) in order to legally become parents through surrogacy. Of course, both surrogates and intended parents must have legal representation to assist in this process.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Oregon?

The cost of surrogacy in Oregon will be between $140,000 and $160,000, depending on individual circumstances, such as surrogate travel expenses, the possible need for a c-section, or when the surrogate is carrying twins. In those cases, the costs will increase. The health insurance of the surrogate can also factor into the final cost.

We are very transparent about the costs of surrogacy and you can find complete information on costs and how to plan for this expense here.

Oregon Surrogacy Agency

We are pleased to be able to say with confidence that Pinnacle Surrogacy is the best surrogacy agency in Oregon, as well as in the U.S. We work with surrogates over most of the states, including Oregon, and intended parents from all across the U.S. and the world have surrogates in Oregon.

Here at Pinnacle Surrogacy, we work with one highly trained and experienced team, plus our word renowned fertility specialist at Santa Monica Fertility. Each of our surrogacy team members has had the experience of being a surrogate herself, which makes an enormous difference when working with both surrogates as well as intended parents.

We often get reviews like these expressing delight with our services:

“Pinnacle Surrogacy has been an absolute dream to work with! They make the whole process so smooth and seamless, always having your best interest at heart. Being able to be a surrogate is such an amazing opportunity but can also be terrifying as well, with Pinnacle Surrogacy iv never felt more confident and at ease. This agency truly cares, and they show it in the way they treat you no matter what time of day someone is always available if you need something. They send birthday cards, and they also send small spontaneous gifts just to show you their gratitude which is completely not necessary, but very heart warming they take the time to do those small actions that really do speak volumes. I can not say enough good things about this agency! You work with them once and I guarantee you’ll be looking at doing surrogacy at least one more time.”
~ J.W.
“Pinnacle Surrogacy has been amazing to work with. As a first time gestational carrier I am thankful I was able to work with such an amazing team. This experience has been one that I won’t forget. Not only do I get to help bring someone’s dream of having a family come true, I got to work with a great group of people.”
~ C.L

More reviews of our services can be seen here.

Start Your Surrogacy Journey In Oregon

Ready to begin your surrogacy journey in Oregon? Whether you are an intended parent or you want to become a surrogate, please get in touch online or call us on 877 261 0392. We treat every person who comes through our doors, whether they are intended parents or prospective surrogates, as individuals. You can be certain that we will provide the very best information tailored to your individual circumstances, and we’ll support you on your surrogacy journey. We look forward to speaking with you.

You can find more information about becoming a Surrogate in our Surrogate FAQ, and intended parents can find more details about finding a surrogate in our Surrogacy FAQ for Intended Parents. We also invite you to explore our blog which provides insightful information, including surrogacy epigenetics – Does a Surrogate Share DNA with the baby, Can a surrogate keep the baby and how to find a surrogate mother.

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