How Much Are Surrogates Paid?

Surrogate Compensation Breakdown

Becoming a gestational surrogate is a great thing to do! You’re helping someone build a family and bringing a new life into the world, and that can feel very rewarding. But alongside the warm-fuzzies that come with doing good, surrogacy is a serious undertaking that involves medical procedures and personal sacrifice—not to mention a good chance of new stretch marks. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, it’s natural to wonder about surrogate pay, the total compensation and what pregnancy expenses are included.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about surrogate pay and surrogate benefits you can expect along your surrogacy journey. Let’s take a look at a complete surrogate compensation breakdown; here you will learn which surrogate benefits are guaranteed and which are circumstance-based and covered for you additionally.

Please keep in mind that surrogate compensation will vary from agency to agency and even from state to state, and that not all surrogacy programs will offer all of the benefits listed here. We’re discussing the surrogate pay and benefits specific to Pinnacle Surrogacy; make sure to check your individual surrogacy contract for additional terms.

Surrogate Pay and Benefits Breakdown

Surrogate compensation include more than receiving lump sum payment for giving birth to a surrogate baby. Before and during your pregnancy, there are many expenses associated with being a surrogate. Here are the benefits you can expect to be included as part of your surrogate compensation.

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Surrogate Pay and Benefits Breakdown

Surrogate Monthly Allowance

Surrogate Maternity Clothing Allowance

Housekeeping and Childcare During Bed Rest

Travel and Childcare Reimbursement

Lost Wages Reimbursement

Base Surrogate Pay

Surrogate Multiple Pregnancy Compensation

Increased Compensation for Previous Surrogates

Additional Surrogate Pay for Invasive Procedures

Additional Surrogate Resources

Surrogacy Medical Screening and Procedures Payments

How Much Do Surrogates Make?

First time surrogates based in California can expect a package of at least $60,000, and in all other states, $50,000.

How much are surrogates paid depends on individual journeys and circumstances, but as a starting point, first time Surrogates based in California can expect a package of at least $60,000, and in all other states, $50,000. Repeat surrogates’ pay is considerably higher.

At Pinnacle Surrogacy we care about our surrogates. We understand the sacrifices you make to give another family the chance to grow. Our surrogate pay and benefits packages are designed to show our gratitude and to make the experience of surrogacy as comfortable and healthy for both you and the baby as possible.

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