Become a Surrogate FAQ

Becoming a Surrogate FAQ

If you are thinking of becoming a Surrogate, you probably have many questions! Our Surrogate FAQs offer answers to many common questions that potential Surrogates often ask. You can also apply to become a Surrogate or contact us if you need more information and would like to speak to our Surrogacy Program Director.

Can I be a Surrogate if I have depression?

Can I be a Surrogate if i've never had a child?

Is the baby genetically related to me if I am a Surrogate?

Is being a Surrogate risky?

Can I be a Surrogate if i've had a miscarriage?

If I have had an abortion, can I be a Surrogate?

What medications do I need to take if I am a Surrogate?

Can I be a Surrogate if i had a C-section?

How Much Are Surrogates Paid?

How much do Surrogates get paid in California?

Do I need to pay for anything to be a Surrogate?

How much do you get paid as a Surrogate?

Do you get paid to be a Surrogate?  

Do I need to have medical insurance to be a Surrogate Mother?

Whose name goes on the birth certificate for a baby born through surrogacy?

Can I choose the Intended Parents if I am a Surrogate?

I don’t live in California or Florida, can still become a surrogate?

If there is a medical complication during surrogate pregnancy, who makes the decision for the baby?

How long does it take to become a Surrogate?

How many times can you be a Surrogate?

How do I get pregnant if I am a Surrogate?

What is the relationship between the intended parents and gestational carrier during and after the pregnancy?

How Can I Qualify To be a surrogate?