How To Find a Surrogate Mother (2022)

How To Find a Surrogate Mother (2022)

The Best Place To Find a Surrogate Mother

Here you’ll discover some best practices for working with a surrogacy agency and finding your surrogate.

A reputable surrogate agency is the best place to find a surrogate mother. Having professional guidance can help you find a great match. Pinnacle Surrogacy’s team will offer you an ethical surrogate matching service, having the best interests of all parties involved.

Unlike most surrogacy agencies, Pinnacle Surrogacy prescreens its surrogates to ensure surrogates are physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared for the responsibility of carrying a pregnancy. Only surrogates who qualify for medical clearance are offered to intended parents, thus expediting the time to match and pregnancy.

Pre-screening includes the following safeguards:

  • A thorough medical screening, including a review of the potential surrogate’s health and obstetric history and a current medical exam.
  • A mental health evaluation by a qualified psychologist.
  • A home assessment conducted by a qualified social worker.
  • Background checks on both the applicant and her spouse or partner.
  • Verification of the surrogate’s national residency status (Pinnacle Surrogacy requires all surrogates be US citizens).
  • An evaluation of the applicant’s financial situation and stability.

Surrogate Matching Service

Aligning parent and surrogate expectations is vital for all surrogacy pregnancies. The experience of bringing a child into the world through surrogacy has a permanent impact on the family and the child’s life, which is why we take steps to ensure both parents and surrogates fully understand the surrogacy process and agree on how they want to collaborate and interact during the pregnancy. After creating your profile, we will select surrogate profiles that are most compatible with each person’s goals. The selection process minimizes the time spent and the improves the chance of finding the right match.

It’s important to note that surrogate and intended parent matching is a two-way street. We want both our surrogates and intended parents to have a positive relationship and benefit from good communication. Thus, both sides must ultimately agree to work together. This helps to ensure a joyful pregnancy and a clear understanding of what role, if any, your surrogate will have in your child’s life over the years.

How To Choose a Surrogate Mother?

As you consider surrogacy, it’s essential to understand your values and preferences. Write down the qualities you would like in a surrogate and the kind of relationship you want to have with her. Your spouse or partner should do the same, so you can compare notes and come to a joint decision.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Location: Location matters when selecting a surrogate, partly because some states have surrogacy-friendly laws that streamline the process and protect the rights of everyone involved. Other states are less friendly to surrogacy. At Pinnacle Surrogacy, we only work with surrogates that live in states with laws that support the surrogacy process. Surrogate location also determines how large a role you can play in the pregnancy and your chance of being at the hospital for labor and delivery. If travel is difficult for you, consider choosing a surrogate who lives nearby.
  • Personality and interests: Surrogacy requires a working relationship between the surrogate and intended parents. While you don’t need to have a considerable amount in common, it’s important to get along and ideally enjoy the pregnancy journey. A positive relationship encourages a positive pregnancy and parenting experience.
  • Expectations: Surrogates and intended parents may have very different ideas about how they want to relate to each other in the future. Some surrogates are open to keeping in touch after the pregnancy, whereas others prefer no contact after birth. All parties must agree on whether they want to stay in contact and other relevant issues before signing the surrogacy contract.

How To Find a Surrogate Mother For Gay Couples

Many Surrogates we work with are eager to help gay couples and individuals fulfill their dreams of parenthood. While most surrogacy agencies start surrogate screening process after she is matched with intended parents, at Pinnacle Surrogacy, we pre-screen all our surrogates. This means that our surrogates go through a thorough medical, psychological and socio-economical testing and are cleared for their surrogacy journeys, before we present their profiles to intended parents. This not only decreases the time a surrogacy process takes but helps avoid disappointment. Should a surrogate fail the screening, the intended parents would need to start the whole process over.

At Pinnacle Surrogacy, we believe that Love Is Family. We are uniquely qualified to not only help gay individuals find their perfect surrogate, but through our network of fertility clinics, an in-house embryology lab and Donor Egg Bank, can support their family building journey from beginning to the end. This integrated approach has been appreciated by many of our gay surrogacy clients, who prefer the personal relationship of working with one team. We invite you to learn more about our approach to LGBTQ family building by heading to Surrogacy and Egg Donation Process, and Surrogacy FAQ.

Start Your Surrogacy Journey

Once you have an idea of your preferences (and deal-breakers), you can discuss them with your Pinnacle Surrogacy coordinator who will help you match with a compatible surrogate.

Finding and choosing the right surrogate is a complex yet rewarding process. A quality surrogacy agency will greatly facilitate the process of selecting a surrogate mother.

Interested in learning more about how to choose a surrogate mother?  We can help. Please contact us online or call us at 877 261 0392. Our team can answer your questions and help you learn how to choose the right surrogate mother for your needs. For additional information, you can visit our frequently asked questions page, surrogacy success rates and the cost of surrogacy.

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