Become a Surrogate

Becoming a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate (gestational carrier) is one of the most selfless decisions a woman can make. The journey of carrying a child for another person or couple impacts every aspect of your life, and your compassion is already evident in your decision to begin looking into the idea of becoming a surrogate.

As you do your research, you’ll soon realize (if you haven’t already) that not all surrogacy agencies are the same. At Pinnacle Surrogacy, we ensure our surrogates are treated with the utmost respect. This is reflected in everything we do; from our screening process, as we want to ensure that surrogacy is a healthy process for you, to our world class support services provided by our expert team during the pregnancy. All of our surrogacy coordinators have been surrogates themselves; they understand the journey well and are there to support you every step of the way.

In addition, we offer the highest level of compensation package in the United States.

How to become a surrogate?

Because surrogacy involves pregnancy and childbirth on behalf of another individual or couple, we screen potential surrogates carefully. The path to become a surrogate is guided by our team, who has years of expertise in the field. There are several surrogate qualifications that you must meet before we can move forward with your application.

What are the requirements to become a surrogate?

Potential surrogates qualify if they:

  • Are under 40 years of age
  • Are U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Live in the states, where surrogacy is legal
  • Are physically and mentally healthy
  • Have given birth to and raised at least one child.

What is the process to become a surrogate?

There are several steps you’ll go through to qualify to become a surrogate mother

  • Initial Application: We are excited to meet you! After completing an online surrogate application on our website, our surrogate agency coordinator will contact you to review your details, explain the process and answer any questions you may have. We’ll ask you to complete and sign 2 forms that will allow us to run your background check and request your medical records.
  • Surrogate Profile Questionnaire: You will fill out a questionnaire to tell us more about yourself and your family. This is a way for us to really get to know you. We will also place most of this information on your confidential surrogate profile that is shared with intended parents.
  • Medical Records Review: We will request medical records from your doctor, who supported you in your most recent pregnancy. Your Fertility Specialist will review your medical and obstetric records to be sure you are medically able to be a surrogate and go through the surrogacy process.
  • Phone Consultation: One of our physicians will go over the surrogacy process with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Medical Screenings: We will invite you to one of our clinics to complete your medical screenings. You will have blood drawn for infectious diseases and prenatal tests, urine for a drug test, a physical exam and an ultrasound of your uterus and ovaries. You will then meet with a high-risk obstetrician for your final medical clearance. Your partner will also be required to undergo infectious diseases and drug testing.
  • Psychological Screening: You will speak with a licensed psychologist to ensure that you are mentally fit to become a surrogate.
  • Home Assessment: A licensed social worker will conduct this step. This is to ensure that you are living in a safe, nurturing, healthy and supportive environment.
  • Matching Process: After all screening results have been approved by one of our physicians, we begin the matching process. You will have an opportunity to review a profile for potential intended parent/s prior to engaging in match meeting.
  • Legal Contract: Once a surrogacy match is agreed and confirmed, you will enter into a legal contract with the intended parents. In this process, you will be represented by an attorney.

How much are surrogates paid Monthly?

Our surrogates receive a set base pay that is paid to them monthly. Usually, these payments start on the first of the month after the confirmation of pregnancy via ultrasound detection of the fetal heartbeat.

These payments will continue each month as long as you are pregnant. The remaining balance is paid to you within 14 business days after you give birth. Please see our surrogate pay and benefits page for a complete breakdown of the compensation package.

Surrogate’s compensation package, that includes base pay, additional payments, and benefits, always depends on individual circumstances and her surrogacy journey. Some of the factors that can influence the overall package are i.e., if a surrogate carries more than one baby, or has more than one embryo transfer. We explain this in more detail on our surrogate’s pay and benefits page.

There is a minimum package that first time Surrogates can expect to receive, and it is $60,000 for ladies who are based In California, and $50,000 for surrogates based in the rest of the United States. Previous surrogates’ base pay is considerably higher.

Rest assured that Pinnacle Surrogacy not only offers one of the most competitive compensation packages in the US, but a support that is second to none.

Experienced Surrogate Compensation

If you have already completed a surrogacy journey and are looking to become a surrogate for a second, or even a third time, your pay package will be considerably higher.  Second time surrogates’ base compensation is $5,000 more, and 3rd time surrogates can expect to be paid $10,000 more than first time surrogates. This means that second time surrogates’s compensation package is at least $65,000 in California, and $55,000 in all other states. Third time surrogates can expect to be paid at least $70,000 in California, and $65,000 in all other states. We do have certain flexibility when working with repeat surrogates, so if you are an experienced surrogate considering becoming a surrogate again, please speak to us about your individual circumstances and your compensation expectations. You can reach us on 877 261 0392 or send us a message online and we’ll be in touch with you straight away!

How Many Times Can You Be a Surrogate?

It is possible to be a surrogate 2, 3, or even 4 times; it all depends on your delivery history. We accept candidates who have had up to five previous vaginal deliveries, so that the total number of vaginal deliveries is not greater than 6, including your planned surrogacy journey. If you have had C-sections in your previous pregnancies, we accept up to three, so the total number of C-sections you go through is no greater than 4 altogether. If you are not sure if you qualify to become a surrogate, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to discuss your individual circumstances.

Where Can I Become a Surrogate?

Although our physical offices and surrogacy clinics are currently located in California, Florida, Arizona, Washington, Washington DC, Illinois, Indiana, Oregon and Ohio, we work with surrogates who live in all the states where surrogacy is legal, and we have successfully completed the surrogacy process with our surrogates based in all other states. When you travel to one of our clinics to complete the initial medical screening, we will cover all your costs associated with travel, including gas, flights, accommodation, and meal allowance. When it’s time to travel for an embryo transfer, we’ll cover all the expenses for both you and your companion. What’s more, we’ll do our best so that you can stay under care of your OB/GYN near your home throughout your surrogate pregnancy.

If you are wondering what it was like to become a surrogate, our previous surrogates share their stories in our surrogacy blog, including what motivated them to become a surrogate, what was most challenging and most rewarding during their experience.

Carrying a Baby for Someone Else

Carrying a baby for someone else makes you a hero and you deserve the best support there is. Surrogates matter a great deal to us at Pinnacle Surrogacy. Our program only offers gestational surrogacy, meaning that our surrogates become pregnant through embryo transfer. The embryo is created using the egg and sperm of either the intended parents of the child or sperm/egg donors. Your own eggs will not be fertilized and you will have no genetic relationship to the baby that you are carrying. However, you will play the star role in ensuring the embryo develops into a healthy baby during the surrogacy process.

Your health and environment not only help the baby grow, but you can help influence the baby’s genetic expression after the birth. This means that parents look for surrogates who are dedicated to a healthy life and care about the process they undergo together. Your willingness to be a surrogate helps couples and individuals who might not otherwise be able to have children of their own, and we can’t wait to match you to the perfect intended parent.

Why Choose Pinnacle Surrogacy?

When you choose to work with Pinnacle Surrogacy, you’ll be partnering with a world-class network of physician-led fertility clinics. Here are just a few ways in which our service stands apart from our competitors:

  • Receive payments from the start: Our surrogate compensation package is most competitive and begins with our medical screening process. You will be compensated for your time as we complete necessary medical testing and evaluations.
  • No hidden costs: There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you. We ensure that your medical, legal, insurance and travel costs (if applicable) are covered.
  • World-class care: We work exclusively with Pinnacle Fertility clinics. Our teams are made up of industry experts, many of whom have experienced the surrogacy process themselves and can lead this process from a place of empathy and care for both the surrogate and intended parents.
  • Care around the clock: Our surrogacy team provides 24/7 support and care, including labor and delivery support.
  • No need to change doctors: We will do our best to work with the OB/Gyn of your choice near your home throughout the entire surrogacy process.

Surrogate Support Throughout the Whole Journey

Our expert team will continue to work closely with you even after the screening is done, ensuring you are comfortable and looked after in every step of the way. Below are some of the ways in which our team is here to help:

  • Matching: For many surrogates, this is the most exciting part of the process. Our team will match you with intended parents that align with your goals and preferences. We help facilitate meetings so parties can get to know each other before kicking off the process. We move forward with the embryo transfer only after both you and intended parent/s decide that you are a good fit for each other.
  • Embryo transfer and medical monitoring: After you are matched and all parties have signed the paperwork to secure your payment and rights, we will begin the medical protocol to prepare you for the embryo transfer. Our team will closely monitor that all medical treatments are being deployed correctly and support you through the process.
  • Pregnancy:  Pregnancy is such an exciting time! We will provide as much support as you need, including emotional support, excellent prenatal care until you transfer to a local OB/GYN of your choice, nutritional counseling and free, weekly shipments of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for you to enjoy.

Want To Apply To Become A Surrogate Or Learn More?

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, please submit your online application and we’ll be in touch straight away.

We also invite you to read our Surrogate FAQ section and Surrogate stories, where previous surrogates share insights about their journeys, including their motivation to become a surrogate, what was most exciting and challenging in their surrogacy process.

If you have further questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

see if you qualify to become a surrogate

What Our Surrogates Say About Us

Quotes icon for testimonials on the Pinnacle Surrogacy website

Great and friendly customers service, devoted employees. Dr. Jain is awesome, he explained everything, step by step. I would recommend them to anyone who is planning a family, or willing to help a family.


I have been with Premium Surrogacy for nine months now. I researched many clinics to become a Surrogate and I fell in love with this agency. Dr. Jain answers all your questions and helps you out with any issues. The nurses are very nice and explain everything in detail. It’s great when you can call and they can give answers to questions that may even come up later in the process.

Julie, Lanesha, Gaby, n Patricia are just some of the lovely ladies that walk you through EVERYTHING. I EVEN HAD SOME ISSUES WITH THE SHOTS BUT THE NURSES WALKED ME THROUGH AND MADE SURE I HAD EVERY AVAILABLE resource.

I am now pregnant with twins and can’t wait to do it again.


I have worked with California Premium Surrogacy for the past year. I have just completed my Surrogacy Journey about a week ago. This journey was absolutely flawless. From the beginning, I knew I needed to find an agency that had my best interest in mind. California Premium Surrogacy was that company and clearly the only choice if you are looking to take this journey yourself.

The difference with this agency is that Dr. Jain has two separate sides to his practice, the fertility side, and the surrogacy side. This means that when you are choosing a couple, he is both your doctor AND theirs. He knows all of his patients and is involved in the matching process. His staff is absolutely hands down the best team you will ever meet. They work together very well and they all know you by name. Every one of them is very quick to respond to phone calls and emails and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

Dr. Jain is very knowledgeable and very kind and sweet. He keeps things real and has your health in mind at all times.

They have a really great psychologist named Peggy who is a pro at all things fertility and how that can affect you emotionally she calls periodically to check on you and I will miss her phone calls.

The person I talked with the most is Amber. She is in charge of the surrogates, and if you intend to apply you will get to know her. She has become a friend. She doesn’t make this process feel “Businessy”. She has been a surrogate herself and had great advice and tips for me while I was on this journey. She was never more than a phone call away. Being a surrogate changed my life and it is something I will never forget. It was so rewarding and it is all because of California Premium Surrogacy. I wish I could do it again and again.

If you are looking into becoming a surrogate and want to have a beautiful experience I would 1000% recommend this agency.


I had the best experience with my first surrogacy that I decided to do it again. Amber is amazing. She helped me through the whole process and any time I had questions all I had to do was shoot her a text. Its a wonderful thing to help someone start a family!!


We are so grateful and ecstatic to have our new son in our family. We experience heartbreaking miscarriages and were told we could not have another pregnancy. Our other son wanted a sibling so bad, that he wrote a note to “the storks” asking for a brother or sister to lay with and help take care of. Thanks to Pinnacle Surrogacy, Dr Jain and his wonderful staff, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy! We feel that our family is “complete” but we would highly recommend Pinnacle Surrogacy to any family seeking to bring another child into their family. Perhaps it’s not quite “in the usual way” but just as amazing and wonderful. We are forever grateful!


Currently a surrogate working with [Pinnacle Surrogacy] and it is my first journey. I can not express enough how truly incredible this agency is. As a first time surrogate it was incredibly overwhelming starting out, and I had spoke to several agencies. But Pinnacle Surrogacy really stood out to me the advisor I spoke with made my decision to move forward with them so easy. You can tell their advisors really truly care and the majority have been surrogates themselves so its a very personal and understanding experience. Wendy is my advisor and to say she was a God sent is an understatement. Every step of the way each person involved in my journey has been so great. I would 110% recommend Pinnacle Surrogacy if you are considering surrogacy!! I would use them over and over again and would refer them personally without hesitation. This journey so far has been everything I dreamt and more thanks to this incredible team of people!


[Pinnacle Surrogacy] has been amazing to work with. As a first time gestational carrier I am thankful I was able to work with such an amazing team. This experience has been one that I won’t forget. Not only do I get to help bring someones dream of having a family come true, I got to work with a great group of people.


[Pinnacle Surrogacy] is an AMAZING agency!!! Everyone in the office is so helpful and so nice! This is my second time being a surrogate and working with Dr. Jain and his staff and both experiences have been wonderful! Since the agency works hand in hand with Dr. Jain and [Pinnacle Fertility] the screening process and the matching process were so much quicker than with a regular agency! They are able to get you screened and matched with an IP in less time than any other agency I’ve heard of! I would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a surrogate apply with [Pinnacle Surrogacy]!!!


The entire staff is amazing, with so many moving parts they make the whole process so much easier.


I used [Pinnacle Surrogacy] for my second surrogacy and could not have had a better experience. My first agency was not a great agency and left me really doubting the process and whether or not I could do it again but [Pinnacle Surrogacy] changed my perspective on it all! They truly care about their surrogates and their needs through the process. I received email and phone call checkups from them to make sure I had everything I needed and things were going smoothly. If something wasn’t going as planned they would jump on it right away to fix it. Their agency coordinator was great at understanding my feelings through it all. I HIGHLY recommend this agency!!


Absolutely love [Pinnacle Surrogacy]! I delivered a surrogate baby in July and could not have had a better experience! They exceeded all of my expectations so much that I am currently in the process of doing another journey with them. 🙂 Any questions and concerns are answered ASAP and they always make sure you are comfortable with everything! I will always always always recommend this agency!!


If you are in search of an amazing agency for your Surrogacy please contact [Pinnacle Surrogacy]. I have worked with this agency for a little over two years and I wouldn’t change anything about my experience with them! All of the staff are amazing and one of the things I loved is that everything is “in-house.” Being able to see the same nurses and doctors for every aspect of the IVF process was a huge plus for me.


I had the best experience with my first surrogacy that I decided to do it again. Amber is amazing. She helped me through the whole process and any time I had questions all I had to do was shoot her a text. It's a wonderful thing to help someone start a family!


[Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly] California premium Surrogacy has been amazing to work with. As a first-time gestational carrier I am thankful I was able to work with such an amazing team. This experience has been one that I won't forget. Not only do I get to help bring someone's dream of having a family come true, but I also got to work with a great group of people.


[Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly] Premium Surrogacy has been an absolute dream to work with! They make the whole process so smooth and seamless, always having your best interest at heart. Being able to be a surrogate is such an amazing opportunity but can also be terrifying as well, with premium surrogacy I’ve never felt more confident and at ease. This agency truly cares, and they show it in the way they treat you no matter what time of day someone is always available if you need something. They send birthday cards, and they also send small spontaneous gifts just to show you their gratitude which is completely not necessary, but very heartwarming they take the time to do those small actions that really do speak volumes. I can not say enough good things about this agency! You work with them once and I guarantee you'll be looking at doing surrogacy at least one more time.


[Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly] California Premium Surrogacy has been a breath of fresh air. I have worked with them for the past year and have no complaints. The coordinator that I have worked with the entire time has always been understanding, informative, honest, and quick to get things done on my behalf. They have taken the pressure off of me and done everything in their power to make this an enjoyable experience as a first-time Gestational Carrier. I will be using them for any future journeys.


Amazing & Supportive agency! I just completed my surrogacy journey and it was hands down something I will never forget. I knew I wanted to be a surrogate but I was a little hesitant and scared. I took a leap just based on the shared stories and reviews of [Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly]California Premium Surrogacy, and I would not change this for anything. This agency has an amazing team (that feel more like really supportive friends) that works with you every step of the way. They are professional, and caring and they make the whole journey feel so smooth. They honestly think of everything to make sure you are comfortable and doing good. I honestly felt like top priority with them, not just a transaction. Some members of their team have also been surrogates themselves which is so helpful in hearing their experiences and getting guidance. The process was seamless and it was such a pleasure meeting and working with all of them. I would 100% recommend them if you are thinking about becoming a surrogate.


Pinnacle Surrogacy is a proud partner of